The Business Breakthrough

(*Most Popular Program) Assess your business against the 7 Essential Triggers that ignite Business Breakthrough, then receive guidance on prioritizing and taking action on the areas that will guarantee a launch to new success!

$1,800.00 / month for 3 months


This program will guide you through assessing your business model and mindset using The 7 Essential Triggers for Business Breakthrough Master Framework. You will have expert guidance from Coach Steve Dailey, a 30-year veteran in coaching success and achievement for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Once the areas of primary opportunity for improvement or change are identified, we’ll get to work in Reinventing your Business so that it is set up to achieve Lifetime Best Performance – the best it’s ever been!

You will receive:

  • Unlimited, open access to Coach Steve’s calendar. We won’t “keep score” on how many hours or sessions you need – only on the results that you achieve. You may call, email, or text at any time for any reason to keep your Achievement Machine powered and forward.
  • 100 consecutive, daily inspirational audio segments called Laser Minute. Each will come right to your inbox and you’ll have a 1-2 minute shot in the keester to help you stay fresh and on track throughout your journey.
  • A 10-module video course called The Mindset Solution that guides you – at your own pace – in learning the fundamentals for reprogramming the way you think in order to attain new achievement. During your Intensive Coaching program, we will integrate these principles to make a massive leap in mastering The Business Breakthrough.
  • Templates, worksheets, and video segments to support your coaching. Content will be customized as necessary to support breakthroughs and optimum progress.
  • (Optional) Coaching sessions recorded for your future reference.