The Longevity Project

Create and execute a sustainable plan for lifetime best strength, vitality, and endurance for the second half of life. We’re not “over the hill” – we are taking the hill.

$1,800.00 / month for 3 months


This program will guide you through mastery and achievement in the area of The Longevity Project. You will have expert guidance from Coach Steve Dailey, a 30-year veteran in coaching success and achievement for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

You will receive:

  • Unlimited, open access to Coach Steve’s calendar. We won’t “keep score” on how many hours or sessions you need – only on the results that you achieve. You may call, email, or text at any time for any reason to keep your Achievement Machine powered and forward.
  • 100 consecutive, daily inspirational audio segments called Laser Minute. Each will come right to your inbox and you’ll have a 1-2 minute shot in the keester to help you stay fresh and on track throughout your journey.
  • A 10-module video course called The Mindset Solution that guides you – at your own pace – in learning the fundamentals for reprogramming the way you think in order to attain new achievement. During your Intensive Coaching program, we will integrate these principles to make a massive leap in mastering The Longevity Project.
  • Templates, worksheets, and video segments to support your coaching. Content will be customized as necessary to support breakthroughs and optimum progress.
  • (Optional) Coaching sessions recorded for your future reference.